Saturday, 14 July 2018

To Cuff or not to Cuff...

I recently bought a lovely jumpsuit from a well known beauty catalogue. I've decided it's going to be my "relaxing" playsuit instead... and I am taking the cuffs off the bottom of the legs. Maybe it's an association thing but when I think of cuffs I think of restriction and sometimes, formality. Shirt cuffs, sewn on cuffs.... you name it. For me a shirt can be casual but often in a work sense, it's usually smart. When I see cuffs on more casual clothes, I think of tracksuit bottoms. I'm the sort of person who rarely wears sports gear for other than its purpose. But other people re-purpose the sports wear and make it what they want and that's okay too. My husband said I looked like MC Hammer in it. If it makes me dance as energetically as him, I don't mind... I could dance in it, lie on the sofa in it or even take the dogs out in it!

I think you can re-purpose anything you want if you set your mind to it. Whether it's a jumpsuit, your life, your work, your garden. If you have a job you hate, visualise yourself actually walking out the door one day... going to something better. I did and still do if things aren't quite working to plan and I set myself goals in place to work towards that. I had one job that I hated (a council contract job working in social services) and the person I was answerable looked down on everyone. Her name was Amanda. Every time she got me down or feeling stupid (which was frequently) I thought about escaping... and I wrote a silly poem about her called "Queen Bee" which I have shown to other people and it made me (and them) laugh. There must be something about restriction though that I keep coming back to as I used to feel so very trapped there... there were locks, and codes to remember – some of which I didn't have... making my anxiety so much worse and the clock-watching a crippling reminder of my unhappiness... why do those hands take SOOO long to go round to five o clock. Boom! I'm out the door.. and one day eventually forever ;0)

My husband and I moved 500 miles away from everything we knew and loved... into the wild unknown... re-purposing our life for a for a better one but with consequences that we had to adjust to and, certainly not without its challenges.

As always, with a bit of positivity for everyone who reads this and gentle encouragement I say, go for it... de-cuff that jumpsuit, leave that job for something better, re-purpose what you love if it needs it, re-purpose you if you feel you need to, be brave, you can do it. In the words of another well-used slogan you might know... JUST DO IT! You know you can. Feel it and go for it :0)

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