Sunday, 3 June 2018

Things that might help...

The writing of poetry is good for the heart.
The problem for me is just where to start.
I know I could, if I just make time, write a simple poem or rhyme.
I don't drink much coffee or even much tea,
I know it isn't good for me.
I exercise, I swim, I walk, I think it would be nice to talk.
Of my friends I see not enough,
my time seems to fill with other stuff.
I try to keep to healthy food, things I know will do me good.
At night I try to get good rest, I find that seven hours is best.
To meditate would be quite cool, but I don't do it as a rule.
They mention gardening in here, but I'm not much good I fear.
Acupuncture, yes I like and riding round upon my bike.
Perhaps this is the thing for me, I quite like writing poetry.
P.S. now I do daily Headspace - it gets me to a better place.
My friends on Moodscope help me too - so I say a big
Thank you.

So cheers to all the Moodscope gang. Thank you for being there for me.


Another Sally
A Moodscope member

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