Sunday, 24 June 2018

Keeping an Open Mind

A few years ago I realised that I hadn't tasted broad beans for over 40 years. Aged six, I said "Yuck" and had avoided them ever since. What a fool I felt, aged 50, when I tried them and realised I had been missing out on many a tasty treat.

I persuaded my partner to attend a festival with me last weekend. Festivals are really not his thing: too many people. But he was willing to try, and conceded that, as it was a very small festival, that it was OK. He is still convinced he wouldn't like a 'real' festival.
While at Leestock (for that was the very real festival), I checked out the food stalls. The non-meat choice was limited. One item on offer was a water melon and feta salad. It sounded interesting... but I know I don't like water melon. Maybe it was the festival atmosphere, or the hunger in my belly, I threw caution to the wind and ordered the salad.  And it was delicious. Waddaya know? I love water melon!

Today I made the salad for lunch, and it was yummy.

For those who need to know:

Half a watermelon chopped into small cubes
Pack of feta cheese chopped up small/crumbled
Handful  of fresh coriander leaves, chopped finely
Drizzle of chilli oil (or a few drops of hot sauce in olive oil)

Mix everything.


Today, a friend was kindly complimenting my appearance, as she had not seen me since some quite dramatic weight loss. I explained my method: eat less and cut out most sweet things and alcohol. I mentioned that I had the additional help of hypnotherapy sessions, to get me into good habits. "Ah!" she declared." I don't believe in any of that mumbo jumbo. It can't work". Yet, there was the evidence standing before her.

I'm a rather stubborn mule. But, when I take the risk and leave my comfort zone, new avenues of joy can open up.

Have you had any "eating your hat" moments to share?

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