Monday, 7 May 2018

Count to Ten and Grin.

The blog by Jay Harrington of Life and Whim offered 10 ways to live a happy life. The original version is here:

This abbreviated version is bound to give you an idea or two on how to give your happiness a Spring perk! Would you please let the list stimulate your own tips to share in the comments.

1. Tiny changes in your routine – get 30 minutes more sleep, join that exercise class, enjoy nature.

2. Books, books, books! Life-long learners live longer lives – or so we've learned!

3. Get into your flow both in your professional activities and your personal relationships – harmony of task and team works like a dream.

4. Say 'Thank You!' Send that card. Visit that old friend. Keep a jar of blessings (as we've heard about here on Moodscope).

5. You're winning when you're grinning – even when you don't feel like it. Putting a grin on your chin tricks the brain into a happier state.

6. Collect 'moments of truth' – small experiences to treasure – like the blackbird who sings his heart out, the bluebells, the sunrise.

7. Be kind – focus on other people, other causes, other solutions – it's like a love potion.

8. Go for experiences not 'stuff' – the immaterial has a bigger emotional impact than cluttering your life with what the marketing world says you need.

9. Say 'No!' to comparisons – not with any other person or anyone else's standards.

10. Commit to your tribe – a small, intimate group you can trust – and nurture those connections.

How about that for a 'Count to Ten and Win'? Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

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