Sunday, 1 April 2018


'They' say even the birth process is a loss and with life itself being so full of loss, one had better know how to process these in a healthy manner or risk the mental ramifications thereof.

The term 'complicated grief' comes to my battered mind with the help of my counselling diploma and iffy memory. I wrote a poem to further aide myself in the healing journey and share it now in hopes of benefitting another.


There is a death
No coffins bear
The end of life
Sight doesn't share.

Unfulfilled dreams
A wish deferred
The end of hope
That no one heard.

A friendship gone
A life once strong
To grieve an end
A pain too long.

No measured loss
When living part
A life gone south
Still breaks your heart.

To end a thing
Is sad you see
Sometimes events
Near buried me.

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