Tuesday, 3 April 2018


A friend recently posted on Facebook a photograph of her small carefully packed carry on bag that she boasted would be for her 6 week holiday. I commented that I need 6 bags for a weekend away.

I have seen smartly dressed women and men at airports, train stations etc. carrying or wheeling one small bag and I wonder how they do it.

I find it hard to choose so I pack everything then only use a bit of what I take and vow next time I will not take as much. This can be for a weekend away to visit my children or cousins or for a longer trip.

Once when I was much younger I looked at my friend with one bag while I was struggling to keep up as we walked to a bus stop as I had two bulging bags, my coat, handbag, a small plastic bag, a teddy bear etc.

I started to think there was me in life, carrying my emotional baggage full of all my worries with me where ever I went.

While she was light and free. I wondered would I ever be like her.

So far I have not had any luck cutting down on my physical baggage at all. I always over pack and still forget things.

I wonder if there is a correlation between emotional baggage and physical baggage.

If I carried less bags would I worry less?

Do you pack light and have little emotional baggage?

Are you like me with lots of baggage both physical and emotional?

Can one change?

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