Sunday, 21 January 2018

Ping! Dinner is Served.

My two children like to remind me from time to time about how I always (yes always they say!) used to serve them microwavable ready meals when I got back from work.

So imagine my delight on seeing a metal hanging picture for the kitchen featuring a microwave with the caption underneath saying Ping! Dinner is served.

I bought three and gave one each to them and kept one.

The other day Oli wrote something very true about the un-usefulness of ruminating. Going over stuff in our minds constantly that we said or did the night before. I printed it out and have kept it to remind me.

So bearing in mind that I ruminate a lot, and believing every sensible word Oli said, I have devised a strategy for stopping myself.

If I find myself going over and over something I said which I thought was stupid and embarrassing, I say "Ping! Present and Future"

For me this stops me in my tracks and I immediately focus on the present. It has the effect of relaxing my body too.

So a big thank you to Oli and to my wonderful children and the metal hanger.

I wonder... do you think of words to bring you into the present when the past gets too much?

(Let me know if you would like a reminder of Oli's words)

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