Saturday, 10 June 2017

Can there be too many questions?

I have always liked asking questions. Would you ever have guessed?

When I was a child my question asking was encouraged and even admired, but as I grew older
the pride of parents grew to tiredness then embarrassment.

I never meant to make people feel uncomfortable by my questions but I always seem to have so many in my head.

I thought that by asking questions I could learn more but as I grew older my questions were either ignored by teachers or I was a nuisance. (Can you imagine that?).

At university, I used to ask questions in tutorials and sometimes a tutor would ridicule me before answering the question. Afterwards people would come up and tell me they did not understand the concept either and thanked me.

I am not sure why people see questions as annoying. Or is it me that people find annoying? Do I really want to know the answer?

When I first started taking medication I asked the doctor many questions but he just smiled and said just take the tables and be a good girl, I was in my 30s at the time. I changed doctors.

I hope now people are encouraged to ask doctors questions but I do know many health professional get frustrated because people ask questions based on Dr google.

As consumers how will we get answers if we can't ask questions?

I have read when you first meet someone that is possible to ask so many questions that the person feels like they are being interviewed or worse interrogated.

A shy friend says she asks lots of questions in social situations so she does not have to answer any.

Now I did have several, well four, questions to end my blog, but I have decided to give everyone a chance to ask your own question? You can ask to me or the whole of the Moodscope community.

Or you can answer the title of this blog. What will you do?

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