Monday, 15 May 2017

Daisy and the Lawnmower Man.

I love to mow our lawns. Given half a chance, I'll mow the neighbour's too! The results are so clear, so tangible, so satisfying.

Except for the guilt.

I hate to mow the daisies.

Daisies are such cheerful, robust, happy, smiley plants. They are Sun-worshipers, folding up their petals when it's night or cloudy, and opening up in delight when the Sun shines again. I hate chopping their heads off.

I've just mown the lawns.

I've just decapitated the daisies.

Except for some.

Some survived.

Do you know which ones survived?

They were the ones that I crushed with my feet as I walked with the mower. They are still smiling, heads intact. They'll be back again tomorrow, as if nothing happened. Stronger than before.

The other daisies will grow back too, but not their original heads.

This struck a chord with me. If you're suffering at the moment, if you feel down-trodden by life, if you feel in danger of being cut-down by circumstances - maybe it'll be a Daisy-Day for you. Being down-trodden, you'll miss the blades that catch those who stand tall and arrogantly expect these things just to happen to other people. Stuff happens. If you're bowed down, you will rise again. The Sun will shine again on you, and... will live to see another day will live to love another day

...and all this will have passed.

You'll be OK.

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