Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Being Grateful.

It is hard to feel grateful, when we feel so low.
As anyone with a mental illness
Will well and truly know...

It is often mentioned that physical illnesses are recognised more and many have said on occasion, that mental illness is so cruel and the worst it can get. In my darkest moments, I truly believe that.

Then I think about my husband. He has lost use of his legs and his arms are becoming weaker. He drops things, spills things, and on several occasions he has collapsed and cannot get up. He is only 58.

He has had to give up his job and his social life and he feels utterly useless.

I am trying to cope with my own difficulties and support him too.

My heart goes out to him, but I am not good at showing it. I worry about his every move and whether he will fall. I worry that he may be diagnosed with something sinister and how I will cope.

I want to be strong but it is not always a choice.

I have to remind myself every day, that it will all be okay?

I want to be grateful, but I feel so low.
Only those that suffer
Will ever really know...

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