Thursday, 26 January 2017

A view with a room.

When I was teenager I noticed my friend crouched in the corner of my lounge room. She told me she liked to look at a room from different places. Her place was very small so she was always trying to find a new way to see things.

I sometimes like to lie on the floor on my back and look around as everything seems fresh or finding a place in a room that I never stood before.

Sometimes we are creatures of habit and we like to sit in the same place, walk the same route, and look at same scenery.

What if you try today to look at something from a different place?

It could be just sitting in a different chair, or from a corner, or from under a table,  form a different part in the room from where you normally stand or sit, or anything at all that gives you a different picture.

So look around any room, or go outside and tell me what you can see from your new position.

Does it feel any different? Do you notice anything unusual?

I crawled into the corner of my bedroom, pushing stuff to one side!, and saw the room was bigger than it feels.

Your turn, what do you see?

A Moodscope member.

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