Friday, 9 December 2016

Who stole 2016?

I am sure someone knows. Is it the person who is always so organised that have bought their Christmas present by July? It is the person who makes a list at the start of the year and achieves it by May??

It started well, I watched the fireworks on TV and thought 2016 would be my year - it would be the year I would achieve things and make changes.

I made a list that was achievable.

Then something happened I woke up one day and it was December. So I ask again who stole 2016?

I now have only a few weeks to achieve all my tasks, and to make matters worse I lost the list some time ago.

I have never understood time. How come when you are waiting for someone a minute seems to last for ever but when someone is waiting for you while you do something the time goes so fast.

However, losing a whole year or having it taken from me, seems so ridiculous but what else can it be?

How can it be December yet I have not finished one item on my list - or what I remember was on my list.  My mum told me that as one gets older time goes faster because for a 5 years old a year is a 1/5 of their life but for a 50 year old it is 1/50, so seems faster.

Is that it, 2016 just flew by so quickly I could not grab on to it.

So tell me do you know who stole 2016?

Was it you?

Please let me know your ideas.

How do I stop someone stealing 2017??

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