Saturday, 19 November 2016

Food for Thought Doctor.

At the age of 31 some 25 years ago I had a minor breakdown and had to refrain from working for at least 3 months. Until recently I would not accept that time and why it happened.

I was diagnosed with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) which comes under Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. May have been in my system for a while, especially after a severe chill of the kidneys where I nearly didn't make it, this was a something that had remained in my body for a while and came to the forefront when my work became more stressful which I couldn't handle at the time. Yes I broke down and stopped working.

Living with this issue for many years has been dark at times and I despair when I have to rest just because my legs and body say enough today. What makes this worse is that I am known for my high energy and positive attitude to life so when I get hit with fatigue, I drop badly and no one really knows except those close to me.

However I have taken action over the last year and talked to an excellent Doctor at my surgery who studied ME and decided I should have a full health check including analysing everything I do including the food I eat. Through all this they discovered two ulcers and a hiatus hernia and prescribed medicines to combat this, typical additional problem at my age but didn't worry me. The Ulcers have now since healed and I manage the hernia in line with the food I am allowed. They couldn't find anything else to describe the fatigue in the legs.

However, as my diet changed considerably to help the hernia there has been a remarkable difference in my energy levels. It seems my aches and pains seem to be less and my legs do not suffer like before. In fact I have taken up squash again and loving this each week. I have begun to play lawn bowls again which is a more gentle sport but one I love and reasonably good at.

As I write this I feel happy to realise that for the first time in ages I am managing my fatigue and although my legs are feeling weak today I had the strength and energy to overcome the feeling and decided to walk to the shops and have a nice cup of tea with my step daughter.
Even better, my mood from eating more healthily has allowed me to get life in order and do the things I appreciate and love. My children are everything and am feeling younger than my age. I accept my body may have some challenges at times but with a positive mental attitude and a healthy diet, my life has just got better.

Maybe we all need that one person who believes in what we tell them such as my Doctor. I thank her for the rest of my life.

Frank from the Quayside
A Moodscope member.

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