Friday, 28 October 2016


Ever since I was a child I've been aware that creativity isn't my strong point.

I could never come up with wonderfully imaginative stories to write, all that came to mind was  "I went to the park and...." and nothing!

I couldn't visualise maths calculations, so mental maths was hard.

I could copy pictures quite accurately, and was not bad at still life, but never produced any truly creative artwork.

I rarely remember my dreams and if I do, it's a pretty straight forward  reflection of my life, albeit with a bit if a twist!

I often struggled to think of what to do with my kids in the holidays, the pressure and the guilt seemed to drain any pleasure and creativity out of me and I'd just not want to think about it.

It doesn't bother me. Maybe there's nothing in it, perhaps I'm simply a fairly literal person which had it's positives and I'm happy with the strengths that I do have. We can't all be Picasso! (Dare I say I'm not really a fan anyway!).

I would have thought that being an emotional person though, would enable me to express myself creatively.

Maybe there's more to it. Perhaps there's a correlation between anxiety and creativity? Or depression and creativity?

Maybe there's a block that can be released ?

I'm interested to hear any thoughts. Would you describe yourself as a creative person?

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