Monday, 3 October 2016

Alpha and Omega.

Last night I danced barefoot under the stars - then I stood and gazed at the moon. This morning I awoke with William Butler Yeats' poem in my heart and an image of the Milky Way in my mind.

All this seems a potent reminder of the importance of the last and the first things in our lives. I know the order is usually the first and the last, but it was a great example of the last thing I did before sleep getting my first moments of the new day off to a rather wonderful and inspired start.

How do you bring your day to a close?

To stand there - barefoot - long enough to feel the dew become warm beneath my feet - was an inexpensive investment in my happiness that has paid generous dividends already. It was, perhaps, only 10 minutes at the close of the day, and worth every second.

I awoke, inspired.

I believe we do well to live a life on purpose... Thoreau spoke of those who live lives of quiet desperation. Let us, instead, lead lives of quiet deliberation.

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