Sunday, 4 September 2016

Meditation's what you need.

I never thought that I would become someone who meditates. Who me? Me of the demented hamster on a wheel brain, sitting on a chair, clearing my mind and meditating each morning? You. Are. Having. A. Laugh.

I discovered meditation when I was really unwell. I started off using 'Headspace's free 'take 10' guided meditations to give me a structure. Then I discovered 'Stop, Breathe and Think' which is a free app including guided meditations for specific issues and self meditation timers for your own practice. I now find myself having a daily meditation either using a guided meditation, a timer or music from the app, something which was unthinkable when I was consumed by my stressful career and not looking after my wellbeing.

I can follow the meditation and bring back my errant thoughts as many times as I need to. Meditation seems to do something to my hamster brain, leaving me soothed and calmer.

I used my early meditation practice to deal with a particularly nasty panic attack; just counting my breaths helped me to deal with a situation that I felt I couldn't cope with.

My practice isn't perfect and there are days when my mind feels impossible to bring back, but I just continue to try and bring it back without judgement. Again, something that would have been impossible not that long ago. One of the five ways to wellbeing is to learn, and I'm learning every day with meditation, both in terms of my practice and in terms of myself.

So, apologies to Roy Castle and Record Breakers, but meditation's what I need.

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