Friday, 5 August 2016


Live music saves me more than any other thing. If the volume can be up so, so loud, my body relaxes and becomes pliable and just free and happy. Lost in the front of a bouncing crowd is my happy place but most times I cannot afford the time to queue for that and so I make do with the ticket, the seat and the volume.

I had the tickets.
I convinced myself it couldn't work.
The plug was almost pulled.
I didn't pull the plug.
Made myself do it, made myself.
I knew it had to happen.
And it did.

I wasn't at the front. But that mattered not. I was outside on a hot evening, with a hot ticket. It was bliss. The definition of bliss is "lost in a state of happiness, oblivious to everything else".

And that bliss has stayed with me for the last 11 days.

I am cloud walking.

I believe it is imperative to health to find your bliss. What brings it? Why do you not do more of it? It is a nectar worth more than a Midas touch and so why are we not chasing it? Can you chase it? What is your bliss?

I cannot get myself to a gig on a daily basis. Probably not even monthly. Sometimes, especially when ill, I watch the tickets and I watch the date come and pass. Sometimes I treat others to the tickets I won't use and enjoy it through their story. But I can keep trying. And I can play the sounds. And I can transport myself back to that evening, in the sun, ears filled and know it saved me... again. Seek your bliss.

Love from 
The room above the garage.

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