Saturday, 13 August 2016

I wish I had known...

One of the great benefits of Moodscope is the collective wisdom of many years of people with  lived experience with mood disorders. In the blogs and comments there are so many ideas, different types of advice, plans thoughts and practical tips that may be helpful.

I have wondered how may life may have been different if Moodscope had been around 40 years ago when I was first diagnosed.

Is there some advice some bit of wisdom some quotation that you rely on now that you wished you had known back in the early days of your experience with mood  disorders?

Of course we don't know how we would have reacted then to the advice we now find so useful. I sometimes think if only someone had told me that my much loved highs were as destructive as my lows.  I think I would have seen the person as interfering and ignorant and just continued having fun until the next crash.

If you could give just one piece of advice to someone who was struggling with living with depression or another mood disorder, what would it be?

Why did you choose that advice? How has it helped you?

A Moodscope member

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