Tuesday, 12 July 2016

My old shoes.

Every day when I go for a walk I think I should wear my new walking shoes but somehow I always find myself putting on my old shoes that are worn on the soles but are ever so comfortable. They are only two years old but I use my shoes, like other people use tyres as I walk everwhere because I don't drive. So my shoes get put through their paces. Even though my new shoes fit me well I just seem drawn to the old shoes which fit me well, like a shoe.

Often I read on Moodscope and in books that we should change our old ways and try new ways of thinking, new ways of looking at our lives and I agree with that. I never realized how hard it was to try something new until I remembered my old, ever so comfortable shoes.

It is not that I am not willing to try new things, but it is that the old ways can be so comfortable, so reassuring, so familiar. Trying something new may be a bit scary at first because we want something that is easy and comfortable. I try new things but when they don't work the first time I feel like going back to my old ways, my old shoes. New shoes take some time to feel comfortable to fit me like my old shoes do.

So I am going to hide my old shoes for a week and wear my news shoes. I am going to give mindfulness one more try this time with a positive attitude and a smile.

What do you find hard to give up, either an abstract idea or concept or a concrete object?

How do you approach trying something new? Do you find it easy or do you find it a difficult challenge?

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