Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ebb and Flow.

My love and commitment
Ebbs and flows like the sea
And on really bad days,
When life takes on a turbulent quality
I feel tossed and buffeted about.
On such days I could be caustic.

Wind blown like grass on the moors
Or petals on a delicate flower
Or scorched by the sun
Where there is no easily available shelter;
I find myself wilting.
I want to escape, to find a hiding place.

Usually it is because someone
Has made a withering comment to me;
It has permeated my whole being
Causing me to shrivel within.
The words seemed to scorch and damage
My inner self.

May other people's comments be more
Like mist to me
Appearing briefly and then vanishing entirely.
Give me more persevering endurance
Like a farmer patiently waiting for rain
So that his crops can grow and flourish
Building up an ever-growing resilience
To any negativity.

May my words be always sensitive
Caring, nurturing
Like an ever-flowing Spring
Sparkling with fresh, sweet water
That can only refresh and reinvigorate.

A Moodscope member.

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