Sunday, 29 May 2016


You appear at my door and barge through without as much as a 'Hello' or 'How you doing?'
You are my omnipresent shadow
That disappears, lulling me into a false sense of security.

And then wham, bam you return,
With no real notice,
Unwanted and yet...

You are essentially always there,
A presence, sometimes abhorred, sometimes tolerated and sometimes just ignored,
A dark spectre that years of treatment has failed to dissolve.

What now?

I live with you, you vile stalker,
But I will not be reduced to your level.

If you insist on accompanying me on my journey
Do not expect any gratitude,
Because I may acknowledge your presence,
You may make those things I wish to do feel like lumpen weights,

But I will still do them!

Tea with a friend, the warmth of the child who insists on sharing my bed 'just to get to sleep', the crisp January air...I will feel them all and more besides.

So,You, GET THIS, Go home when you want,
But I will make sure I win.

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