Sunday, 24 April 2016

In Darkness.

Self-help books on dusty shelves,
Sitting alone to retreat and hide.
Pots and pans dirty in the sink,
Thinking of Canute and the incoming tide.

We cannot change the course of nature,
We cannot undo the pain.
We cannot fake what's in our hearts,
We can only work to stay sane.

We can seek the light in the dark,
We can step into the discomfort to talk.
We can crawl and fall out of that bed,
We can feel the sun outside for a walk.

We may suffer shorter this time,
We may ride with suicide for a while.
We may retreat more than before,
We may avoid that self-harm style.

We might write a comment on Moodscope,
We might even write a blog.
We might then connect to others,
We might avoid this black dog slog.

We must put one foot in front of the other,
We must continue to eat.
We must wash and shower each day,
We must look up and not down at our feet.

We are not alone in this hell,
We are all hurting inside.
We are all simply seeking to breathe,
We are all seeking the upside.

An upside which is sunny,
An upside which is funny.
An upside where there is enough money,
An upside which tatses like honey.

We will now believe it will end,
We will now seek out our friends.
We will now stop that pretend,
We will now seek that colourful lens.

We cannot
We can
We may
We might
We must
We are
We will...

Until we are better.

A Moodscope member.

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