Thursday, 14 April 2016

Can I Show and Be Me?

Another week over,
Another day through.
How did I do,
Have I been true?

Did I weaken and follow,
The crowd on the street.
Did I loose me,
Was I simply discrete?

Did I fear losing,
The support that I have,
By being authentic.
Did I cut me in half?

Did I fear falling,
Back down again,
After getting up,
And feeling sane?

Did I fear stumbling,
Over my own thoughts.
To lose myself,
In a whole bunch of oughts?

Yet for me to be 'whole',
I need to be me.
I need courage to see,
How I can be free.

Free of these thoughts,
That endlessly flow,
Round my mind,
And fill me with woe.

Free of the stigma,
That I may feel,
From society around,
That looks may reveal.

Can I accept,
that I simply have an illness,
Like so many others,
And life is just thus?

If I try and hide it away,
It will likely stay.
Like the secrets we have,
That hold our feet in clay.

I need the courage,
To show the real me.
Not drift through life,
Like a bottle in the sea.

Then people can see,
And feel who I am.
And I'll not be closed,
Tight as a clam.

I can only love others,
As much as I love myself.
Can I love me,
Hidden up on the shelf?

We want the world to be real,
We want people to be true,
How can I help,
If I keep me out of view?

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