Thursday, 18 February 2016

Who Are YOU?

Without thinking about it, point to yourself. You probably didn't point to your head. Rather, you pointed to the centre of your chest, the area around the heart.

And the reason most of us do is evident in the way the word heart is used in just about every culture and language around the world: Follow your heart; speak from your heart; in your heart you know. All metaphors for the authentic you!

Being true to your heart is the formula for living the life you want. When there is an alignment between what's in your heart and the actions you carry out, the better life seems to work. You're fulfilled, content and at peace. You feel care, appreciation, love, joy, compassion, kindness—heart-felt emotions that not only feel good, but are good for you, too. Is it any wonder we all live for the moments our hearts come alive?

If you want to manifest more of who you truly are, start by considering what you value most. Is that something you can put a monetary value on?

What you value is at the core of who you are. Core values are the embodiment of intelligent operating principles that give meaning to life, rejuvenate spirit and create a sense of well-being.

Still not sure what's at your core? Here are some questions to help you sort through all the should's, could's, and would's that can get in the way of hearing what your heart wants you to know:

What matters most to you?
What's important to you professionally? Personally? (The greater the differential = the greater the stress)
What values do the people you admire exemplify? (Do you mix with people whose values you don't admire? If so why? And if so – what are your real values?)
What motivates you to put in more effort at work?
What would you do Saturday morning if time, distance and money weren't an issue?
What values do you want your children to grow up with? Remember they only learn from actions and not words!)
Who can you openly discuss your values with and feel at ease? Probably the 'richest' conversation you can its your heart speaking.

Now, ask yourself:

Do you follow your heart as consistently as you would like?
If not, what do you want to do about it?

The greatest change anyone can have is a change of heart.

A change of heart changes everything.

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