Friday, 19 February 2016

Walking on the Moon.

Doreen went to the moon! And we rejoiced with her!

Do you like the moon?

I love it. It gives me solidity. It appears in its different forms in its different times and each way it presents is beautiful to me. I find the slip of a crescent moon tantalising and full of wonder. The harvest moon feels like a cuddle and makes me think of Moonface (see The Enchanted Wood, Enid Blyton). I've often joked with my kids when they've eaten Babybel... full moon (bite), crescent moon (bite), full eclipse.

I heard a simple fact about the moon today which made me love it even more. It doesn't shine. We would never see it if was not for the sun lifting her smile up towards it. The moon can only be seen because the sun shines her light upon it.

It made me think of us. We don't always shine. We are sometimes hidden from view and sometimes happy that way. But when we receive just a little something, we can be seen, and sometimes we feel ok with that. Sometimes we are even glad that someone shone a light our way to both encourage us out from the dark and to show that we have treasures worth finding.

If you are hiding in the dark, have a little think about what or who might shine a little glow your way. It can be anything. A song, a coffee, a bath, a photograph, an old letter, an email, a sandwich, a colleague, a trip to Iceland with Doreen (although this is marginally more expensive). Even your favourite checkout person. Be with that thing. Try to place yourself beside it and it will help you shine.

Be more moon. Let the sun reach you.

Love from 
The room above the garage.

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