Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lost & Forlorn.

Sometimes if I dip for a time, most often in the morning, this is how I feel as I seek to somehow re-connect to the world outside my bedroom. Well, just my bed really...

How dark is blue,
In this life of mine.
As I walk the streets,
It's no pantomime.

Alone and lost,
As I walk in the dark.
I only think back,
The future's too stark.

I used to be happy,
Walking the streets.
I really had nothing,
But my heart had a beat.

I have achieved so much,
Changed so many lives.
Now I feel empty,
And the cut of the knives.

I used to have angst,
And suicidal thoughts.
Now I am lost,
And my thoughts come to nought.

I am so creative,
And can make connections as well.
But there must be something,
To take me to hell.

I lost my daughter,
Through my wife and money.
I lost my dog,
Life wasn't funny.

But I pulled on through,
And did my own thing.
The problem is now,
My heart doesn't sing.

My soul is bleeding,
My spirit is gone.
How long can I go on,
Dark and forlorn.

But I'll get up tomorrow,
Put my feet on the floor.
I can only keep moving,
Yet I can't find the door!        

There is always that need to KNOW I have to move, history has shown to me that the more I move, the more I lift.

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