Saturday, 2 January 2016

January is the new April.

Well hello January! We have not often been friends but I am going to love you like never before. We will treat each other in a new way. We might date. We might see if we can find common ground. We will keep each other company in a civil and courteous way and you will then speak to February and ask if I might have time off for good behaviour. (February and I fell out badly and it may never be mended. February leaves incendiary devices around and it's time it ended.) How will this new relationship happen?

1. I will be walking along the beach once a week. Yes, it's a little further away than nearby but it's only once a week for 4 weeks, and the energy it gives me might just be the nectar that is needed. I might eat food there regardless of weather.

2. I will be on a 4 week schedule of sleep, early to bed, early to rise. The nervous system is replenished only between 10pm and 2am so I will need to be sending up big zeds BY 10pm.

3. There is no three. I am going to give all energy to just those two. I just like having a 3 item list.

Would anyone care to join me?

Love from

The room above the garage.
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