Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish all of our members a happy New Year and really hope that 2016 will be a good year for you.

As we all know, this is the time for making those New Year Resolutions.

Well mine's a bit boring, but it will make me feel better.

I'm going to keep the new Moodscope Facebook page up to date and full of interesting posts for all of you. It's about time!

The funny thing is, that I was determined to do this as it's long overdue, but going back to Les's blog of yesterday about showing your weakness to gain strength - I wasn't really sure what I was doing so asked one of the Moodscope members for help. And so, what was, I have to say, a very well intentioned, but mediocre job, has turned in to something wonderful that I'd like to share with everyone.

The very creative and wonderful Lex has taken my initial work and produced a masterpiece that's live and changing daily thanks to his great work.

So, I took a small step towards my goal of creating the Facebook page, asked for help and now have something that has exceeded my expectations.

So much more can be achieved by working together towards a goal. What small step can you take towards one of your goals/resolutions for 2016 and who do you know who could help you achieve it?

Why not share your goal/resolution for 2016 on our new Facebook page or just post a New Year's message to your friends and other Moodscope members. Comments as usual are welcome on the Moodscope blog.

Before I go, I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of our members and especially those that write the daily blogs and those that provide support to all the other members on the blog. You are a very kind and creative bunch and it's a pleasure to know you.

Best wishes.

Caroline and the Moodscope Team.

PS. Don't forget to 'like' our Facebook page.