Monday, 28 December 2015

The A to Z Guide to Life - Letter 'D'

'D' is for 'Decision'. But it is for a special kind of Decision. There are two types of decisions we can make.

One is like drawing a line in the sand.
The other is like drawing a line in wet cement.
Both have the 'sand' of good intentions.
One works; the other doesn't.

So what does cement add to sand to produce concrete results?

Successful cement begins with moving from a continuum of shades of grey to the ruthless binary domain of 'yes' or 'no' – of 'black' and 'white' – of 'do it' or 'don't' – of 'on' or 'off'!

Powerful decisions begin with a switch. One moment you're on one path. The next you flick the switch and you're on a new path. It really is like flicking the switch 'on'.

Poor decisions flick the switch on and off, on and off, on an off – and that is as annoying as this sentence.

No, we begin with 'ON'!

Then there are the added ingredients of perseverance, patience and practice. This is because flicking the 'on' switch doesn't end the game, it begins it. It begins a process.

Want to lose those pounds? Flick the 'on' switch to say, "I am going to lose 'x' amount!"  Make it a declaration from which there is no turning back. Then recognise that the dance begins: two steps forward and usually one step back. This is the nature of the thing. Progress is rarely in a straight line.

I can touch type. I love it. It didn't happen overnight. But the decision did. I chose to enroll on a programme – boom! I flicked the switch. Then I went to class after class – I persevered – and I had the patience to endure, realising that the muscle-memory would take time, but it would happen. And it did. It took practice though – a lot of practice.

Finally, whether it is the gym or enrolling in that new class, it is far more powerful to begin the process onward from the decision point in the company of friends.

We are your friends.
Let's begin.
So, what shall we be decisive about today?

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