Thursday, 10 December 2015

Taking a break.

How often have you thought or have had someone suggest to you, to take a break; a holiday short or just time out. This would be a chance to unwind, to relax, to chill out, to de-stress, to forget our worries. This seems like a great idea but the reality is for people who have an illness or disorder, they never get a real break from their illness.

Preparing for an overseas holiday is frustrating for me as I know I won't be able to get health insurance for my bipolar, unless I am less than honest. Making sure I take enough tablets for the trip and a note from my doctor explaining the reason for the medications to show at customs in case I am questioned by customs.

While I am away from home I worry that I may become sick and not to be able to afford medical care. I worry that I am not relaxing and enjoying my break.

What I have realised at long last is that I am not going to get the benefits of a holiday unless I learn to relax before the vacation. Most importantly I need to take a break from my worries and my constant thinking about my illness. This does not mean I forget about taking medication, or caring for myself but it means I need to be not so self-absorbed.

When people are very depressed there seems no break at all, but sometimes even for a few minutes when they watch a child laughing, smell a beautiful flower, or laugh at a silly joke. In those few minutes there is a chance to breathe and glimpse a possibility that life may get better.

So how do we take a break from our illnesses, our health concerns?

I am trying to take little moments from my concerns and to gain confidence in my ability to remain healthy and learn the reassurance that if I become sick I will be able to cope.

The key word is trying. It is a journey.

How do you take a break either physically or mentally?

Any advice on how to enjoy a real holiday??

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