Saturday, 5 December 2015

Song of faith.

"Based on the inspiring comments from Susan and Lex on Lex's blog called "Sow
before bedtime", conjuring an image of a child kneeling to pray before
bed but written to compliment the thread of the posts".

Song of Faith

I give thanks for deep breaths I take.
For light of day and gift of food,
For water and a place to be
The universe so vast and me!

For those who are just there for us,
If even just to listen.
For those with whom we share the gift
Of being who we are.
For gifts of learning from all of our
Unlikliest of teachers
For knowing that each day will bring
Another understanding.

I plant the seed of hope/strength/peace/rest/action/choice/health/being tonight
And hold dear my strong faith
This seed will grow
not even try, before I know, just wait...
And if it were to fade, not flourish
There'll be no need to worry.
I'll look and pamper where it sits
Then plant another seed.

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