Thursday, 17 December 2015

One Step/Day at a time.

How do I move away,
Away from the pain?
This constant ache,
This emotional rain.

Drop after drop,
Filling my mind.
Thoughts and feelings,
That are so unkind.

I keep on wondering,
If it’s just me?
Can I change,
When I feel all at sea?

Is it really,
That I’m so lazy?
Or does my mind cover,
What’s really me?

In fact, which is me,
In this life of mine?
The one that’s lost,
Or the one that rhymes?

I get so down,
When I lose my way.
My thoughts defeated,
Dark visions hold sway.

And yet I know,
That it eventually goes.
For 25 years now,
History does show.

That, if I keep stepping,
Into the void.
Then something shifts,
I become more buoyed.

When I’m down,
I can’t see out.
When I’m well,
I never doubt;
The certainty that,
Life will change.
That somehow life,
Will become deranged.

So if you are down,
And feeling low.
A day at a time,
Is the next step you know.
Keep stepping out,
It’s the seeds you sow.

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