Thursday, 12 November 2015

I Want to be Clearer.

Chasing the world,
Out there again.
Outside my head,
Often in pain.

Escaping again,
Ego driven stuff.
'Needing' something,
Maybe being too rough.

What do I 'want',
When I listen to my heart,

When I am coherent,
When I am true,
When there is only me,
Before there is you?

Inscaping only,
Only going in.
Escaping's only,
...just a sin?

Losing focus,
Losing me.
Losing my mother,
I just couldn't see.

47 years ago,
Still in my head.
What do you do,
When your Mum is dead?

I've lived on my own,
Flying so free.
I've lived with another,
Not being me.

What are my boundaries,
That I will stick to?
What are my values,
To which I'll hold true?

I only devalue you,
When I devalue me.
That's why I need to be clear,
Where are my bound-aries.

When I am happy,
I make no judgment.
When I feel blue
I so often resent.

Can you look in,
Before you look out?
Whatever you're feeling,
You'll make life about.

Don't blame 'them',
Be responsible for you.
Life won't change,
Unless you do.

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