Sunday, 4 October 2015

The visitor.

Sometime depression creeps into my house
Through the back door

Sometimes he arrives at the front door
With a fanfare
And a flounce

Sometimes he waits round the corner
Ready to jump out
And pounce

And sometimes he's in the bushes
Being quiet
As a mouse

I try not to fight his presence
Try not to shut the door
Try not to close the curtains
And try not to ignore

Because he always has a message
A letter to deliver
A hidden sign, a note, a card
Or a thought for me to consider

So next time he comes I'm ready
Ready to welcome him in
Ready to say come stay with me
Lets talk, shall I begin?

And in time he'll come less often
Of that I now am clear
As I get better at spotting the signs
That his visit is drawing near

I'll know he's bought his ticket
Or is looking up his route
I'll know he's packing a suitcase
And putting it in his boot

And I'll know that I can call him
Say thank you my old friend
I know you want to help me
And your help just has to end

I've found some better ways of coping
Of getting through the day
With friends, with walks, with nature
With love and purpose and play

You've taught me life
And shown the route
And for that I'm ever grateful

So now you can set your SatNav
To another destination

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