Saturday, 12 September 2015

True Colours.

My daily walk is to school and back before I start work.

Yesterday was the usual initial refusal to walk by number one child, along with the excuse her shoes were hurting which was probably true.

My city is not well known for its beauty but our walk to school is truly beautiful. After the moans and silence we saw a magic ring of mushrooms, a heron and this was topped by meeting our favourite lurcher on his walk with the owner. This lovely lady gave number one child a treat to feed him and then we were there.

I power walk back and then are fit for the day, as much as I ever will be!!

Last Sunday Cyndi Lauper's song "True Colours" came on the radio, I danced round the kitchen, remembering that I had this on an old tape, and sung to number one child, "You are beautiful, like a rainbow".

I find beauty in my big city and my daily walk keeps me sane. My challenge to you is "Can you sing that to yourself today?" You are beautiful, like a rainbow"...

Brum Mum
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