Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Journey... Your Journey.

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it."   Greg Anderson

In the last 4 weeks, my own journey in a physical sense has brought me in contact with many others who are all at different stages on their life journey. I have been in Spain, France, London, Italy and Switzerland.

What a contrast to my life a few years ago where I would have been holed up in my house – maybe even ONE room of the house 24/7, due to depression.

I may also only have had water for my muesli, as I couldn't face going outside the front door, and I'll have not met anyone face to face for days, only speaking to one person on the phone, avoiding all other callers or possibilities.

Self-imprisonment in my own home. Anti-depressants made no difference to me and the journey through depression was mixed and tortuous with impersonal psychiatrists and suicidal thoughts.

My recent journey has connected me with so many people at so many different levels of life from a globally acclaimed scientist (Switzerland - Italy), to a nationally recognised musician (Switzerland), a retired public servant (Spain – France), American musicians travelling on a private Lear jet and personal videos of peace from Ban Ki Moon.

I have just spent the most exciting continual four weeks of my life at 62 years of age, and am so grateful for the joy that this part of my journey has brought me. I trust that will give you hope.

Focussing on this journey without desiring any outcome has opened up new joys to me. How many of us at times rush through each day without stopping to live – thinking we are healthy? The joy IS the journey.

Like any journey, it's the travelling to where the real opportunities arrive... meeting new people, new opportunities, new ideas, new forks in that road less travelled that can bring unexpected joy.

How are you travelling? Attached to an outcome or living in the 'present', the greatest gift in your one and precious life?

Stop, breathe, look around... what do you really see, or more importantly feel about your own journey?... and never ever give up hope!

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