Saturday, 22 August 2015

To peak early or bloom later.

When ever I introduced a new friend male or female to my dad, within 5 mins he had told them how I topped the year when I was 11. At first it was sweet then embarrassing  then awkward that the last thing I did academically that made my dad proud of me, was  over 35 years ago.

It was not my dad's fault that I peaked early and never really lived up to the expectations from being seen as a smart child. I spoke early taught myself to read early and even at 4 my parents were predicting my academic future. Alas I peaked too early and spent my life never being able to surpass my achievement at 11.

My parents never exploited me as I was no where near being a child genius, just a child who loved learning and reading.

When I see people on Facebook saying how smart their child is because he can say the alphabet backwards at 2 years, reading at 3 years, doing maths for 9 year olds at age 5, I hope that the child is not going to be worn out by the time they are a teenager.

When there is pressure for children to perform, to be bright, to be so creative their parents can boast about them to other parents what happens when they no longer stand out from their peers, when their achivements aren't deemed worthy to be post on Facebook or turned into an anecdote.

Many children are naturally bright and enjoy learning so lets not put so much pressure on them to perform, just encourage them to be themselves and to have fun discovering their invidual skills and talents and what makes them special.

If I had my choice I would choose to bloom later than peak early.

What about you, what would you choose?

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