Saturday, 15 August 2015

Good thought cinema.

My daughter graduated from university recently, so we had a 'graduation tea' for her.

At the party she was given various presents and keepsakes. I organised a keepsake for her which consisted of a little handmade book. Inside the book, all of the 8 guests were asked to write 3 things:

1. A nice memory of the Graduate.
2. Something nice about her.
3. A good wish for the future.

The night before the party, I was laid in bed planning all this and thinking of various memories and one funny one in particular.

I acknowledged how happy and contented I was feeling.

This was followed by a bad memory sneaking in the back door of my mind and with it an uncomfortable feeling.

I then changed my thoughts back again to the nice, funny memories and went to sleep feeling great about the party the next day, and great about not allowing my mind a 'free thought reign'.

I hope you can have some fun in your own cinema of good thoughts today.

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