Thursday, 13 August 2015

Finding 'Me' – Is All That's Real.

How do we find ourselves,
When we keep asking the same old questions?
To find our way,
We must lose our balance with new actions.

Can you be comfortable,
With discomfort?
Can you step into the unknown,
With the possibility of hurt?
Can you hold your heart,
In the flame of life?
Can your spirit,
Deal with on-going strife?

There is no shortcut,
To anywhere worth going.
You cannot cross a chasm
In two steps, knowing,
What is on the other side.

How much do you want to live?
The more 'life' - the less certainty.
Most are locked into 'do',
Life is all about 'be'.
The only certainty in life,
Is to inscape and find 'me'.

See the dawn from a new place,
Watch a sunset with new eyes .
Talk through the night once more,
A new life could be the prize.

Taste a new way,
Smell that fragrance of joy,
Touch your soul inside,
Emotions you must employ.

And feel.

That's all,
That's all,
That's ever

What did that evoke in you? Notice it...
What are you going to do different(ly) today or how are you going to 'be' different today?

Write it down and revisit it tonight and see if it's true.

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