Friday, 10 July 2015

Be yourself.

Be yourself, they say
just relax and
be yourself.

Which self?
The quiet, patient, timid one,
the sleepy,lethargic, procrastinating one,
the confident, bold, talkative one,
the impatient, creative, irritable one,
the sad, tearful, indecisive one,
the quick thinking, fast talking one,
the noisy, argumentative one.

But friends, family, blogs, media, books

all say
I need to be more

They say
read more, watch tv less,
exercise more, eat less,
tidy more, clutter less,
listen more, talk less,
praise more, complain less,
act more, procrastinate less.

How can I be myself
if I have to change.

A lifetime of trying to find
my real self,
my authentic self,
but she is lost in a fog
of labels and bad memories.

Just be yourself,
stop worrying.

Stop worrying,
where do I begin?

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