Saturday, 4 July 2015

A sufferer's night.

I don't really know if this will help anyone, it's just a poem I wrote. Sometimes I find writing poetry to be very rewarding, even in the strangest of ways. It helps me rationalise my thoughts, and in some way bring me back to reality a bit. It's all too easy to get locked up in your own head, so maybe writing some dark poetry will lift you out. It did me once I'd read back what I'd written. It's a little incoherent, but hey... it's rhyming poetry :).

Thanks everyone, and many thanks to Moodscope.

A sufferer's night.

As time shifts and exposes rifts
As the hour's shower of minutes lifts
As the emotion, feeling and anxiety collapse
There is nothing but an empty, breaking expanse.

As the numbness sets in and quick
As paralysis breaks you in to it
As you become catatonic and your eyes roll back
Embrace the silence, lay back, relax

As the moments last forever and ever
As you experience the realm of an endless nether
As it engulfs you, your thoughts and your dreams
It's a marvel, a wonderful, place to be.


As reality shatters and the clock laughs back
As the seconds drift and ticks elapse
As you wake from this beauty, breathless and black
The world awaits you, plotting it's next attack

As the numbness fades and pain sets in
As tears well with the teeth gritting
As the emotion, feeling and anxiety return
There is one thing I want, this pain must burn

As my only escape, my leaving gift
As my last encore and bow to lift
As if I must die I indeed must live
Oh, please forgive me, I have nothing left to give...

All the very best to those who are out there feeling the brutality that is depression. It will fade, especially with the help of the Moodscope team.


A Moodscope member.