Sunday, 14 June 2015

What goes up must come down!

I've been using MoodScope for over 5 years but in all honesty, I've never plotted my results – in fact, and this may mean that I don't have my blog published, but I don't calculate my scores on a daily basis...

What I do like, however, are the heartfelt stories and the quote at the end which always sets me up for a good start to the day. So, I keep up the subscription for those daily ditties which make me feel connected.

This may, in part, be because I'm no longer high. I was diagnosed with bipolar at 27 and as I move ever closer to my 40th at the end of this month, I realise that it is only in the past couple of months that I've been well enough to gain perspective again. There's been a lot talked about the pain of depression on the individual and those close to them in recent posts, but I find the highs even more devastating.

What helps.

The drugs do work for me, thank goodness (the times I've got high I've decided not to take my tablets any longer) so I now stick to the regime like a squaddie and have fully embraced swimming – as it does wonders for your 'headspace'. I'm very lucky that I have a job that I could return to and very understanding employers (although I explained my illness prior to getting the role).
I get depression as a natural counterbalance to the highs (Newton was right – what goes up must come down!) but have stopped drinking so out with the 'natural' realignment which happened after I was 'high', I don't tend to get depressive episodes. I still think far too much but mindfulness is a wonderful tool – and not convoluted. Just stop, close your eyes, breathe and be in that moment. Remembering to do that every day at different junctures has helped me enormously.

Finally, the best thing, other than the drugs, is laughter. Comedy rocks. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt is my current favourite..what's yours?

The wee one fae Glasgow
A Moodscope member.