Friday, 19 June 2015

The Wisdom of the Rose.

My father's roses are the best I've seen them.

He has trained them, these glorious climbing roses, up his rustic wooden fence. Father has provided a structure for them in the form of a supportive trellis, and they have flourished.

With the right structure, protection and nourishment, they can flow. Naturally.

I, too, am my father's rose...

I have been pruned severely in life, though not by my father. But I have survived.
Now I am responsible for my own garden, but I still need to grow myself. I need a structure. I need protection. I need nourishment. But often it feels like I am drowning in chaos, vulnerable and aching with hunger.

Today I would like to make a change in those three areas. Just a little bit.
How could I add a supportive structure to my life? I'm not after a major make-over, just a little help. How could I feel safer - a little less vulnerable? What could I feed on to help me grow?

I know these are all deeply metaphorical, but I also know that you'll find your own meaning under these three headings. I trust your creative self to volunteer some ideas to help you. You are wiser than you know. And sometimes, it's nice to have help from someone else in the Garden.

Who would help me today, I wonder?

Perhaps I should ask?

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