Friday, 5 June 2015

Sitting on a sun dial.

"What are you doing sat on the floor?"
"Um, isn't it obvious? Sitting in the sunbeams!"

If I'm fortunate enough to be in my flat all day and the sun is shining, I follow it around my living room like a love lorn girl follows the 'be mean keep 'em keen' boy at school.

At 8am the first slice of sunshine peeks in. At this point its rays are too high for me to sit in, so I stand there for a moment, eyes closed, face lifted up to its light, and inhale its warmth.

I set about a few chores and the morning ritual of making breakfast: porridge, sliced pear, a few Brazil nuts, crystallised ginger, fresh coffee. By now, if I sit on an upright chair, I can sip my coffee bathed in the sun's beams. Delicious.

10am and several tasks later, Mr Sun is now beaming his bright smile on my recliner chair. This can mean only one thing-a short snooze! Dozing in the sunlight is one of my deepest pleasures.

11am equals elevenses and now that the sun envelops my rug, where better to sit to sup Twinings Gingerbread Green tea and snaffle a few ginger biscuits.

Arranging myself comfortably on the floor, if there's anything to read, study, sort through, catch-up on, now is the time to so whilst basking in the sun's light.

Very soon He will condescend to adorn his beauty upon my sofa. Oh-ho, do I feel another another nap coming?

Just time to make lunch and accomplish a few odd jobs in the shadows before chasing his final movements of the day.

By 2pm, the sun's glow has left my sofa in the cold and now warms the wall opposite to where it started this morning. It's an awkward spec to sit in but he's worth the fight; I grab a pouf, sit, raise my face to his charm and bask in the last of his attention before he moves off to another window; another sun starved soul.

But wait! I can chase him still further. He'll be hanging around the coastal path for a good while yet. I'll don my lipstick, sunglasses and scarf and adore him some more.

Are you seeking your dose of sunlight and Vitamin D where/whenever you can?

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