Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ouch the sun hurts!

Does anyone else find sunny days hard? I do. I do adore a sunny day, the heat of a holiday healthiest times. Skin out, vitamin D pouring in, mood lifting. A cold sunny day at home, yes. A hot sunny day at home, no.

The pressure to unfurl my 11 month a year winter body (including feet) is daunting. The pressure to squint through the sun, to smile, to join long queues for ice cream, or to barbeque, jeez I hate barbeques! Paddling pools? Ours is always pulled out covered in dust and with a hole or two. Inadequate feelings abound for not have the advert perfect lawn and the water slide picture-perfect between the barbeque and the lush borders.

So I am prepared. I have called upon my childhood. I have saved a few washing up liquid bottles and washed them out. I make good egg mayo. When the day comes, I will make egg mayo sandwiches and wrap them in foil. Tomatoes. Any packet of biscuits. And water fights with cleaned out washing up liquid bottles filled with water...warm water if we feel like being kind to ourselves! Being a grump I will watch from a cushion on the step. If I can stretch to it, maybe a little smile or even a little spray.

Our job in life is not to have it all and be TV perfection. It is to find some sort of balance and be content with the middle road. I'm going to be a middle road! See you there?

Love from

The room above the garage.
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