Saturday, 6 June 2015

A reason to hold on.

I try to write blogs that have a balance of negativity and positivity, it seems a must, so as to not bring you all down, or elevate you too much either.

But this one is just a big fat moan! No, I'm kidding. This blog is just to say to all the people out there that are holding on, I'm holding on too.

Some days I'm gripping hard to whatever I can and screaming inside that I can do it, keep going, get through just one more second of this loneliness, sadness and fear.

Today wasn't a great day. And I can find a million reasons why it was awful, but I found one reason to hold on. So if, like me, you need a good reason to hold on today, let it be because you read these four words...

"This too shall pass"

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