Saturday, 4 April 2015

You can't not communicate, so...?

I am sure you know this but I find a stark reminder often helps me.

When we are down our instincts are to retreat into our shell. Often, the last thing we want to do is to communicate with another human.

The irony is that it is impossible 'not to communicate', however hard we try. We simply leak communication from every gesture, every expression and every posture. Our body language speaks volumes.

People make their own assumptions and interpretations about us - often worse and more harmful than we would like. "They don't care", "They are selfish and grumpy", etc. This can make it even more difficult and can lead to broken relationships - just when we need them most.

One solution is to try and communicate how it feels when we are up. A brave effort made then, can give them some idea of how it feels when we descend into that black hole. Give it a name - the black dog seems the favorite so that next time we go down a simple explanation is possible.

I know it's not easy but better than than your body do all the talking.

The Moodscope Team