Saturday, 7 March 2015


Caught deep within the assiduous trap
Of life,
I crave a remedial slap,
To remind me not to 'Mind the Gap',
But delightfully relish the supposed mishap.

Of falling down onto truth's track,
Candidly facing all that I lack,
Inspecting each and every crack,
Acknowledging both my white and black.

For I am blessed with sheer free will
To pursue indulgently each cheap thrill,
That transports me far, far from this place.
Temporarily, at least, I can embrace.

The moment and all that it brings,
My heart it leaps, pulsates and sings.
Yet as it starts, it ends; this fling
My song is pierced, a bitter sting.

Reverberating throughout my soul,
Resigned, dejected, back into the hole
Of fear, doubt, insecurity,
Who can comprehend the enormity?

Of succumbing to conformity?

A Moodscope member.