Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The love that is inside.

I've not been on here for awhile due to being in love and feeling so high it was truly an amazing experience, something that I've not felt for a long time. I savoured every moment knowing that the high wouldn't last forever and that reality would kick in. So for nearly 2 weeks I felt more alive then I had done in years. It was so nice to have those loving feelings inside, knowing that someone loved me.

I was then listening to a programme and, according to the speaker, the feelings I had experienced came from inside me, the person who I had fallen in love with hadn't made those feelings I felt, it was me. He also said that I could recreate those feelings every day if I wanted to. That got me thinking.

Anyone suffering with depression knows how low you can get and how isolated you feel, when that light you held on to faded to a tiny spot and dimmed.

I have learnt that regardless of who is around you or what pills you are popping the only person that can really help you is yourself. Since discovering Louise Hay and a few other inspiring speakers, more recently Ajahn Brahm, I have started to look inside and started being kind and loving to myself and have stopped being so critical.

When the love I had experienced with falling in love ended, initially I was devasted and upset, but rather going down that familar self critical path that I had obviously done something wrong, instead I got my mirror out and spoke loving words to myself.

Even though I know I still have tears to shed over the broken relationship I know I will grow stronger and move on.

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