Sunday, 22 February 2015


Sometimes I wake up and wonder
Why is life so hard,
What ? Really? No of course not,
That's not it, be positive, content,
Think of others, yes, that bit's easy.

Well, what is up with you then?
Nothing, nothing's up. I know I am strong,
I am coping, I always have.
I have so many skills, I can shine!

Everyone wants something,
I have to be so good,
mostly I enjoy it!
But now and again I feel the need.

So why the long face? I don't know!
Sometimes, I need someone to lean on,
someone who cares, someone who puts me first!
Is that so wrong?

That's a human trait,
maybe it's a good thing.
Maybe you are healing.Feeling!
That's it, feeling alive again.

So tomorrow, I suggest you wake up and wonder!
Yes just that. Wonder.
Wonder at the beauty of life.
That there is someone who cares.

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